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Quiz Spain

Quiz Spain finds you bars that hold quiz nights in Spain, so you don't have to. We also supply ready-made downloadable fun quiz packs too starting at only €2. With lots of subjects to chhose from, get your quiz popular!

Our digital downloadable quiz-packs are very popular. They should be, they start at only €2! Whether you just want picture rounds or added questions too, there's lots of options available for your quiz night.
Item Name Price
Only Fools and Horses (Picture round) €2
Famous Logos (Picture round) €2
Football team Mascots €2
Famous TV Presenters €2
Famous Monuments of the World €2
Famous TV Chefs €2
Famous Dogs in TV and Film €2

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@Quiz_Spain Jun 28, 21:35

@nikkiwinter What a top bloke is Boycie :)

@Quizbritain Jun 28, 21:34

Gameface Productions are looking for FAMILY TEAMS OF THREE to battle head to head on our brand new PRIME TIME...

@vero4travel Jun 28, 21:33

Ruta de las Flores es probablemente lo más conocido del país. Gente amable, ambiente a cualquier hora y murales col…

@_SolPelicanos Jun 28, 21:33

Thanks God it's Friday!!! 🐳😉😁 Gracias a Dios ya es viernes!!! 🐳😉😁 #solpelicanosocas #inthemood #findesquemolan

@Quizbritain Jun 23, 01:57

Brand new peak time quiz show wants you! Are your ready to prove your family is the smartest? Apply now!

@Lanzarote3C Jun 23, 00:37

Recordando aquel día que despertamos a tres minutos del paraíso de Famara: @TurismoLZT

@debs_lennard Jun 23, 00:37

Received with thanks @Quizbritain! A raffle prize for the quiz in #Westminster on 5 July for #GrenfellTower Fund. 2…

@CanaSofia Jun 23, 00:37

Relax, ... puesta de sol en Cala Vedella #Ibiza

@Quizbritain Jun 23, 00:37

Our free quizzing newsletter will be sent this week. Containing info on #QuizFestUK , quizshows and quizzing. Subsc…

@Lanzarote3C Jun 23, 00:36

Hoy va a ser un gran día...y lo sabes. Esta pequeña cota desde la que se obtienen unas vistas portentosas:…

@Lanzarote3C Jun 23, 00:36

Está el cielo para viajar al norte. A un paso del caminito tienes unas mermeladas y mojos bien ricos:…

@Lanzarote3C Jun 23, 00:36

Amanecer increíble. Está para irse a correr por la orilla de playa Grande y empatar con un chapuzón regenerador:…

@_SolPelicanos Jun 23, 00:35

Today we surprised our staff with a different lunch, 'First Dates' experience!! Many smiles, laughs, and lot of TEA…

@DerrenLitten Jun 23, 00:34

Hey guys. Need your help! Can anyone remember which series this was? Character name Lisa (the girl not Jake 😂). He said goodbye in the scene

@BBC_Casting Jun 23, 00:34

Contestants wanted. !mpossible is returning to BBC One for a third series. What would you do with £10,000?…

@BBC_Casting Jun 23, 00:34

Auditions have started for BBC One's The Boss with Susan Calman - apply now if you want the chance win big!…

@Quizbritain Jun 23, 00:34

A late brain teaser for you tonight. Some interesting facts from around the...

@Quizbritain Jun 23, 00:34

If you have a quiz charity night to raise funds for #Grenfell #GrenfellTower then let us know. We will help spread…

@Quizbritain Jun 23, 00:33

Here's a late night trivia question for you.... Who offered DJ David 'Diddy' Hamilton silly money for his DIDDY nu…

@Quiz_Spain Jun 18, 13:28

So hot here!!! Time for a #siesta . No more monkeying around from me today.

@DerrenLitten Jun 18, 13:26

@BeingBoycie What a fabulous night!!! #5thBeatle

@nikkiwinter Jun 16, 00:22

Killer heatwave hits Spain: Tourists warned to expect dangerously high temperatures of 43C as scorching winds...

@Quiz_Spain Jun 14, 17:33

Lovely Spanish weather again with not a cloud in sight 😎 #Alcudia

@Quiz_Spain Jun 13, 17:42

Do you have quiz nights in your bar? Time to get those bars listed with us then and let those holidaymakers find yo…

@Quiz_Spain Jun 13, 17:38

Not for the faint hearted. Dune buggies are my idea of fun 😊

@Quiz_Spain Jun 13, 17:36

Always loving the weather here in Spain. 😎

@SolTimesNews Jun 13, 17:30

Spain's highest civilian honour given posthumously to skateboard 'hero' Ignacio Echeverria - Sol Times News Spain -…

@QuizFestUK Jun 11, 02:42

A day in the beautiful #NewForest you won't want to miss! Big money quizzes with a host of big name celebrities.…

@Quizbritain Jun 11, 02:42

Saw this guy @Matty_Haynes perform tonight. A talented songwriter whose album is worth tracking down.

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