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Quiz Spain

Quiz Spain finds you bars that hold quiz nights in Spain, so you don't have to. We also supply ready-made downloadable fun quiz packs too starting at only €2. With lots of subjects to chhose from, get your quiz popular!

Our digital downloadable quiz-packs are very popular. They should be, they start at only €2! Whether you just want picture rounds or added questions too, there's lots of options available for your quiz night.
Item Name Price
Only Fools and Horses (Picture round) €2
Famous Logos (Picture round) €2
Football team Mascots €2
Famous TV Presenters €2
Famous Monuments of the World €2
Famous TV Chefs €2
Famous Dogs in TV and Film €2

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@CasaLewis May 23, 18:00

Top 6 cities to enjoy in mainland Europe - A Luxury Travel Blog

@CanaryIslandsEN May 23, 17:59

Mondays are better in the #CanaryIslands

@BenidormTVshow May 23, 17:53

WOW! Cast Karaoke Charity Night went on sale this morning. By this afternoon we had sold 250 tickets! It's the hottest ticket in town! 🌴

@Quizbritain May 23, 17:53

Hottest tickets in Benidorm by far. The ticket price alone is worth it to see @BeingBoycie do a bit of crooning. 🎤😉

@spain May 21, 10:32

Put on your swimsuit and grab your towel: we’re going to the beach in Torremolinos. It’s a lovely spring day!…

@JuanyAndreaRest May 21, 02:27

Congratulation from chef Janaina Rangel from #exclusivechefIbiza for the criation of our new concept "La Barra" fre…

@DerrenLitten May 21, 02:26

Another day in paradise....

@QuizFestUK May 21, 02:26

Pick up one of our #QuizFestUK flyers at tomorrow's Highcliffe revival food festival. Get ready for our fun one da…

@Quiz_Spain May 21, 02:25

Here is someone who triies to be you yet is not you. Can @Twitter delete these importers please?

@spain May 18, 03:43

What about a walk by night, when landmarks like the #cathedral light up? Great views! #Malaga #VisitSpain

@Quiz_Spain May 18, 03:34

If your bar has a quiz then you need to get the word out pronto. Fill those empty seats the easy way with…

@Quizbritain May 15, 10:39

@BeingBoycie Does this mean you picking up the mic? Howabout a raunchy rendition of Hookie Street with Daphne? 🎤

@BeingBoycie May 15, 10:32

Benidorm Guide to a Happy Holiday Constable & Robinson via @AmazonUK

@tretalkisgood May 15, 10:30

Joining @radiohannah on Wake up with Hannah from 8AM CET is Steve Chambers @livingstreets #NationalWalkingMonth

@Quizbritain May 15, 10:30

Love this #Eurovision 2017 result wheel. However, no matter how you jiggle it, we still can't win. via @esc_world

@BenidormTVshow May 15, 10:28

We re thrilled to announce the BENIDORM CAST KARAOKE CHARITY NIGHT will be on Fri 26th May 2017. Venue & ticket details to follow. 🎤🌴

@Quizbritain May 05, 13:16

Tackie Jackie has just gone up in my estimation.She's a fan of Madness! Thanks @DerrenLitten for an excellent 9th s…

@Quiz_Spain May 05, 13:13

Neptune's Bar in Benidorm gets all the top groups these days. Thanks @DerrenLitten @BenidormTVshow for a night of…

@Quizbritain May 04, 16:55

Just a warning here about a scam quiz on Facebook that you need to watch out for. Don't get caught out and get...

@Quiz_Spain May 04, 10:17

It must be love, love love. ❤❤❤ 😉

@BenidormTalk May 04, 01:32

The Solana in #Benidorm is a real hotel! Check it out @

@Quiz_Spain May 03, 13:21

Como amantes de la caza amamos al pecador Paul :)

@Quiz_Spain May 03, 13:19

If your bar does a quiz, list it via Quiz Britain as they put it on a great free app called quizfinder. Other...

@Quiz_Spain Apr 27, 01:59

Listen to @AshleyPriceEnts on @CoolFM radio today. The man reveals many secrets!

@Quizbritain Apr 27, 01:56

The Oracle is back! England's finest quizzer is back in #Benidorm where he belongs. Hope he doesn't get angry as he…

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