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Quiz Spain

Quiz Spain finds you bars that hold quiz nights in Spain, so you don't have to. We also supply ready-made downloadable fun quiz packs too starting at only €2. With lots of subjects to chhose from, get your quiz popular!

Our digital downloadable quiz-packs are very popular. They should be, they start at only €2! Whether you just want picture rounds or added questions too, there's lots of options available for your quiz night.
Item Name Price
Only Fools and Horses (Picture round) €2
Famous Logos (Picture round) €2
Football team Mascots €2
Famous TV Presenters €2
Famous Monuments of the World €2
Famous TV Chefs €2
Famous Dogs in TV and Film €2

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@Quiz_Spain Feb 15, 11:00

@Quizbritain @BBCNews we agree. 😉

@Quizbritain Feb 15, 10:59

They are having a laugh! For me it has to be Only Fools & Horses. A thousand bars in Spain can't be wrong.

@Quiz_Spain Feb 01, 11:58

If you have a bar in Spain that does a quiz or thinking about starting one, get in touch as we promote bars that do…

@daverainy1968 Jan 28, 11:38

Eggheads? The best crew possible. So sad to say to goodbye for the time being.

@QuizFestUK Jan 27, 09:24

Ticckets now on sale!!! For our #QuizFestUK event at @Beaulieu_Hants . A day packed with celebrities and quizzes.

@QuizFestUK Jan 27, 09:24

Our fun one day quizzing event with celebrities takes place at @Beaulieu_Hants on Sat 29th July 2017. #QuizFestUK

@Quizbritain Jan 27, 09:24

Download our free #quizfinder app to find your nearest #quiz venue. Search by day, county or country. Call direct a…

@Quiz_Spain Jan 27, 01:06

QuizFest UK

@Quiz_Spain Jan 25, 09:15

Let's put #Espana on the map! Vote @BenidormTVshow in the #NTAS

@Quiz_Spain Jan 25, 09:13

@EverythingITV1 @BenidormTVshow @DerrenLitten @SherrieHewson @BeingBoycie Both us and @Quizbritain voted for one funny show. Hope you win 🖒

@Quiz_Spain Jan 18, 09:24

@Quizbritain @BullseyeTVshow What no speedboat!!! 🛥

@Quiz_Spain Jan 17, 22:55

@Quizbritain @BullseyeTVshow a speedboat or car in the 80's, what would that prize be worth today? Small change on current quiz shows.

@Quizbritain Jan 17, 22:52

Update of current quiz shows but our 2016 poll winner @BullseyeTVshow would have trounced them all. If only they ha…

@Quiz_Spain Jan 17, 22:06

#BenidormVicky is to #Benidorm what Castro was to Cuba. Hey @DerrenLitten , give yourself a big fat cigar for intro…

@naparevolution Jan 17, 22:06

Grab your official VIP Ayia Napa resort wristband today whilst on half price sale! £12.99 #AyiaNapa #Napa17

@Quiz_Spain Jan 01, 13:52

@BalacheCan watch out this is a viral app site :(

@spain Jan 01, 12:10

Celebrate the New Year with a delicious family meal and a long nap. ;) #ChristmasInSpain #VisitSpain #gastronomy

@Quiz_Spain Dec 30, 12:39

If your bar has a quiz, then let those new Spanish holidaymakers find you. Every listed @Quizbritain bar here in Sp…

@Quiz_Spain Dec 30, 12:34

De todo el equipo de Quiz España, gracias por los RT y sigue. Espero que todos tengan una hermosa Navidad y feliz y…

@Quizbritain Dec 30, 12:23

We help quiz lovers find quizzes all through the year,not just at Christmas. Download our free app to find your nea…

@Quiz_Spain Dec 30, 12:22

Sólo otro día de frío en la Costa Brava. Qué no se podría amar?

@Quiz_Spain Dec 30, 12:20

Nada como naranjas caseras para hacer que recién exprimido zumo de naranja. Brindo por ello :)

@Quiz_Spain Dec 30, 12:16

Just some of our promoted bars that have quiz nights here in Spain.If your not listed on @Quizbritain , we can't pr…

@Quiz_Spain Dec 30, 12:10

@DerrenLitten Looking forward to the next filming of @BenidormTVshow in 2017. Perhaps as an extra next year?…

@Quiz_Spain Dec 27, 16:08

@Quizbritain think that #JuniorChoice petition should get lots of signatures since it's replacement aired on Christmas Day. #getitbackon 🎶🎙🎶

@Quizbritain Dec 27, 16:06

I do hope all @BBCRadio2 and #JuniorChoice listeners will sign and share this. It's December all ready so be quick.…

@Quizbritain Dec 02, 15:03

RT Pls: Hope @BBCRadio2 will carry on with #JuniorChoice .We've sadly lost Ed Stewpot but we don't want to lose the…

@Quizbritain Nov 25, 08:02

Beat the clock whilst they beat the drum. Can you identify these famous frummers? #musicquiz...

@Quizbritain Nov 25, 08:02

@ChrisEvans @BBCRadio2 What about the @PCarrack @ChoirLondon charity single The Living Years? Could be 😊 #Hospices4XmasNo1

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