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Quiz Spain

Quiz Spain finds you bars that hold quiz nights in Spain, so you don't have to. We also supply ready-made downloadable fun quiz packs too starting at only €2. With lots of subjects to chhose from, get your quiz popular!

Our digital downloadable quiz-packs are very popular. They should be, they start at only €2! Whether you just want picture rounds or added questions too, there's lots of options available for your quiz night.
Item Name Price
Only Fools and Horses (Picture round) €2
Famous Logos (Picture round) €2
Football team Mascots €2
Famous TV Presenters €2
Famous Monuments of the World €2
Famous TV Chefs €2
Famous Dogs in TV and Film €2

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@Quiz_Spain Apr 20, 00:59

@E_SpanishOnline more please 😎

@E_SpanishOnline Apr 20, 00:58

¿Qué has desayunado hoy? What did you have for breakfast today? Here are some ideas 😊 Start learning #Spanish:…

@Quiz_Spain Apr 20, 00:58

@Quizbritain @Readingbeerfest the sinnerman?

@eggheadsTV Apr 20, 00:58

Fancy answering some of @theJeremyVine's questions and taking on the Eggheads? Then get a team together and apply…

@spain Apr 20, 00:58

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ― Marcel Proust

@ExploringSpain Apr 20, 00:57

7 Reasons why #Spain will be such a popular #holiday destination in 2017 #visitspain

@DebbieWoolley25 Apr 20, 00:56

I'm a second time mumma finally 💗💗💗

@DerrenLitten Apr 20, 00:56

Not the worst Easter Sunday ever..... 🌴

@WifiAway Apr 17, 14:32

Wifi for your Trip to Spain for only 29€

@Quiz_Spain Apr 17, 14:32

From @BenidormTVshow to #DrWho . Sunshine to the dark side 😎

@Quiz_Spain Apr 16, 10:57

Always love a new filming in Benidorm for the next series of @BenidormTVshow . Lots of familiar old faces back in town 😎

@BenidormPromo_ Apr 11, 15:46

Thanks so much @BenidormTVshow cast and crew for making something so funny for us to watch! Best comedy I know! 😊👍🏼…

@BeingBoycie Apr 11, 15:45

My dear friend @amandabarrie11 is on @BenidormTVshow this Wednesday,so please RT to give a great welcome back to her as 'Psychic Sue'.

@Quizbritain Apr 08, 17:26

@Quiz_Spain @nikkiwinter Thought you #Benidorm fans would like to know that the stars are so nice & friendly. Dob m…

@Quizbritain Apr 08, 10:14

Guess the famous celebrity parents. How well will you do?...

@Quizbritain Apr 08, 10:14

My, my, at @LondonWaterloo #Abba did surrender... and with no direct trains to Brighton, I have met my destiny in q…

@Quizbritain Apr 03, 12:08

For free online quizzes and upcoming quizshow contestant invites, like our Facebook page.

@Quiz_Spain Apr 01, 11:13

@Quizbritain With @MarkLabbett and @anne_hegerty of the @THECHASEAUS in the production, the tour should be renamed #TheWizzardofAus 😆

@Quizbritain Apr 01, 09:16

After the comic relief success of the Chase winners on #LetsSingAndDance ,we can reveal they are to embark on a UK…

@Quiz_Spain Mar 16, 19:56

Well #Benidorm fans. The producer wants to know what you think. The viewers decide!

@Quizbritain Mar 10, 10:37

A date for your diaries quizzers. Saturday 29th July at @Beaulieu_Hants @QuizFestUK in the beautiful #NewForest

@AshleyPriceEnts Mar 10, 10:36

If you missed it folks you can catch my exclusive interview with @DerrenLitten right here 👉

@Quiz_Spain Mar 09, 02:34

keep it real. #fakenews we see tbrough. #keepitreal

@JustExcite Mar 02, 20:52

Try our Magaluf wordsearch! Which word do you see first? Comment below! #magaluf #summer #holiday

@Quiz_Spain Mar 02, 20:51

Keep your bank manager happy by filling those empty bar seats at your quiz night. Get in touch and we'll tell you h…

@Quiz_Spain Mar 02, 20:46

It'll soon be summer 😎 so start a #quiznight and promote it on the unique quizfinder app by listing it on…

@Quiz_Spain Feb 15, 12:00

@Quizbritain @BBCNews we agree. 😉

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